Mobile-only Time Lapses with Sony mirror less cameras

I’ve recently purchased the time lapse application for my Sony A5000. I really don’t see why it wasn’t included, but in the world of cameras €10 isn’t a big deal.

However, it has two annoying limitations: a 999 frames limit, and the videos it creates don’t show up in the mobile app. As I’m stuck up a mountain without a proper computer, I searched for a mobile workaround. I can easily download the frames using the PlayMemories Mobile app, but both the built in gallery and Google Photos can only animate 50 frames at a time, and I have several hundreds.

I looked for an app, but didn’t have much luck, so I turned to a nerdy solution: Termux running good old ffmpeg.

Once you’ve got Termux up and running, allow it to access your file system with the “termux-setup-storage” command. Then install ffmpeg with “pkg install ffmpeg”.

Now you only have to cd to the PlayMemories Mobile folder and run

ffmpeg -start_number 6180 -i DSC0%04d.JPG -pix_fmt yuv420p -r 12 test.mp4

Adjust the filename pattern and the start_number parameter based on your filenames.

You should obtain a perfectly usable h264 video file, here’s mine.

Lazy biker and videographer. Very occasional scuba diver. Tends to bake when procrastinating. Did Classics in High School, EE + media in Uni.

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